Friday 2 December 2022

Anime in China

Anime is usually thought of as an exclusively Japanese-style of animated feature film, and ever since the release of the science fiction movie Akira in 1988 it has certainly been the most widely distributed in the collective west. 

The form is not unique to Japan however, and in China they have their own form of anime, usually known as "donghua." I have seen only one or two, such as the charming fantasy City of Lost Things, which appeared in 2021. The Chinese animation industry is also one of the few I am aware of to use the form to tell the stories of famous historical figures, like The Leader, a donghua biopic released in 2018 to mark the centenary of the birth of the philosopher Karl Marx, which focuses on the romance of the German philosopher with his wife Jenny, and great friendship with Engels.

You can watch the trailer with English subtitles here:

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