Saturday, 19 September 2009

How To Draw Cartoons the Russ Mcpherson Way

First, write or sketch any ideas as you have them and put them away in a box or a drawer. Ideas are like buses, or romantic opportunities. If you miss one, chances are you'll end up sitting around for ages waiting for another that never comes.

Every now and then peer into the box or drawer and see if anything catches your eye.

If one of the ideas you've accumulated does spark something off, work out the details, how many pages it will run to. Then you can start to lay the thing out in pencil. Don't waste too much time on pencils unless you want somebody else to ink them for you, in which case the more detail the better.

The flowing nature of my drawing stems at least partly from the fact that I only use pencils to provide a rough guideline to follow when it comes to the fun part of bringing inky definition to a drawing.

Incidentally, I use pure black india ink with a regular drawing pen.

After the inks have completely dried you can erase any outstanding pencil lines. And you're done!

Here endeth the lesson.

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